MonkeyTek - Gear For The Urban Jungle

The MonkeyTek Vision
Our vision is to become the mobile device accessory market leader by developing products you need to survive in the urban jungle.
About MonkeyTek
MonkeyTek is the world’s fastest-growing manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Galaxy product lines. Our products are hip, timely, cool, fun, and functional. If you own a mobile device, MonkeyTek produces the accessories you want and need for your unique lifestyle.

What does MonkeyTek offer?
MonkeyTek offer products that are highly functional and never boring. Your possessions say a lot about who you are, and with MonkeyTek accessories you communicate to everyone that you are a modern individual who cares about style as much as function.
MonkeyTek produces premium cases, battery backs, and other accessories for your mobile life. Since we create our own products, we are able to customize any large order to your exact needs.

How are MonkeyTeks products different than the competition’s?
All MonkeyTek products are made with the highest quality materials and always represent the best value in their class. Our products have more features, more color options, and more functionality than our competitors’ because we understand that your accessories are an expression of who you are and help communicate your unique personality.

What does MonkeyTek promise its customers?
We promise our customers the ultimate experience in product and customer satisfaction. Our products were designed from the bottom up with the user in mind. As the world’s fastest growing manufacturer of accessories, our reputation and quality speaks for itself.

Urban Jungle Gear

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